Caitrin Torres (ctorres) wrote in little_details,
Caitrin Torres

Utility lines in Princeton, NJ

My story takes place in Princeton, New Jersey, in the present day.

This seems like it should be a very simple question, but I'm having a hard time finding an answer. In Princeton, do utility lines (electricity, specifically) tend to be buried or up on poles? I need to cause lousy driving conditions and a power outage at the same time, and an ice storm that takes out lines seems like the easiest way to do it... provided the power lines are available to be taken down.

I've tried searching for princeton plus variations on "downed lines", "utility lines", "ice storm", etc. I also tried an image search for "princeton nj", and while none of the images that came up included utility poles, so many of them were of the university campus that I don't want to take it as proof of much.
Tags: usa: new jersey

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