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What constitutes impressive marksmanship?

Setting: Steampunk AU; the military technology is about World War I-era level, but can be fudged a bit.

Searched Terms: Various combinations of "revolver", "long-range", "shooting range", "shooting distance", and "average shooting distance".

Question: What is a shooting range (I hope this is the right term; I'm thinking "hit a target at x distance") that would be considered extremely impressive, but still believable? The character in question is military-trained, has been so ever since he was very young, and is a really, really good shot. He's not superhumanly incredible, but he's considered one of the best shots ever seen, and he's good enough to impress very high-ranking military officers.

Basically, I need a way to describe how good he is, and as I said above, I'm thinking in terms of "can hit a man-sized target at x distance", with a revolver. With what I've found already, I've hesitantly put it at 500 70 yards; is this too good? Not quite impressive enough? Am I going about this entirely the wrong way and there's really a much better way to describe how awesome this guy is with a gun?

edit: Okay, apparently I totally failed my research, and ended up not even looking at the right sort of guns. (lol self.) Revised estimate! :D

edit II: More or less answered now! (Gosh, that was fast.) Thanks! ♥

I know absolutely zilch about guns, so please excuse any stupid; this is why I'm asking. :) Thank you!
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