Girl Least Likely To (franticalities) wrote in little_details,
Girl Least Likely To

american help please!!

hello again, brilliant writers!
I have terrible knowledge of the US (I'm from africa and canada, if i can use that as an excuse!!) so i'd really appreciate some input if you've got it.

I am working on a screenplay, and here's the deal:

I have a family of 3- single Dad, with 2 kids. I would like for them to live in a place that's central to the beach- I was thinking somewhere like St. Petersburg, in Florida. However, I'd also like it if the dad could be the mayor of a small, waspy town/county- somewhere with money, where most of the people would have voted for John Mccain (not judging, just saying!) i need him to be important enough that everyone wants to know that he has the perfect family, but not on too huge a scale.

Furthermore, would it make sense for a character who hates beaches and florida to want to move to Palm Springs? Is there enough difference between the two places for this to work?

Tags: usa (misc)

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