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Hospital laundry + the effects of bleach on colorful clothing

Setting: An undefined hospital in the US, a couple years after now so I have a little leeway.
Terms searched: Hospital laundry, hospital gowns, disinfecting hospital clothes, effects of bleach on colors.

Okay, the short version is this kid's basically living in...not quite a hospital, but effectively pretty much the same thing. They've provided him hospital gowns, but he's managed to wheedle some of the nurses into washing some of his normal clothes with the hospital laundry so he can avoid being stuck in a hospital gown for as long as possible. From my googling, though, it looks like hospital laundry tends to use a lot of hot water and bleach to make sure the gowns are disinfected. (If anyone wants to go into further detail about how hospital laundries work though, I couldn't find much!)

After it's been going on for a while, what's this going to do to the clothes? Jeans are not supposed to be bleached, obviously! Neither are colorful t-shirts. Will the color fade evenly? In spots? Will it get holey really fast? I'd test this on some old clothes that I'm about ready to throw out, but I just cleaned out my closet the other month so I don't really have any.

Thank you~
Tags: ~clothing

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