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An illness that doesn't show...

I'm sort of brainstorming for a story right now. I'm looking for an illness that be inflicted upon someone ever since
they were a child, but does not show strong symptoms.  But, when that person takes a certain medication, the
illness does not really show at all.  But, it'd be nice if it was that sort of illness that seems not that big of a deal
during childhood, but once that person becomes an adult, the illness like...strikes like crazy and the medicine
doesn't help as much.  The illness can be like a disease of some sort, cancer, or something.  Heck, you can just suggest something and I'll go look it up!  But anyone would loved to be a total help, it's be nice to give the name, symptoms, and then medication that can go with it.   I hope that makes sense and I hope I'm not demanding too much.  If there's any other ideas, I'm open.  :) Thanks
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