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19th century/ 1800s England

Just going to throw this out as a hugely helpful resource for everyone...
If anyone needs information about England in the 1800s, an exceptionally great book is What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew by Daniel Pool. You can probably find it for around $14 and anyone from amazon to barnes and noble and borders should have it.

It covers very practical everyday things like what furniture was made out of, has an extensive glossary in the back for many terms of the era, breaks down money units in that time period in England, covers so many social customs including court, balls, country visits, and the like. They also break down food by social class and discuss the hierarchy of servants and what each type of servant's jobs were. Also, there is a section on the church, on money, law, clothing broken down by class, holidays, and even medicine like what generic maladies of the era were referred to.... and SO MUCH more!!!
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