Dela (oceanica) wrote in little_details,

Life for the Newly Blind

Setting: Fantasy world, but I want to start out with the real-world information and then figure out how to modify things for this setting. The technology level is roughly mid-to-late 20th century, though with irregularities. (For example: they have refrigerators, TVs, and microwaves, but no cars or computers.)

Character: My MC is a male in his late teens who is newly blind. He has absolutely 0% vision -- his eyes were completely removed, for reasons that tie in to the fantasy setting.

Question: In general, what would life for him be like? What general steps would the acclimation/relearning process take?

In specific -- how long would it take him to realistically be able to move around indoors confidently with no service animal? How long would it take for him to be able to navigate outdoors (again, without a service animal -- the setting, because of its nature, is a little hard to work one into)? How well would he ever be able to deal with going places outdoors (going somewhere familiar? Going somewhere unfamiliar? Going somewhere he's absolutely never been before?) What about eating? The setting has a mix of traditional Asian styles of eating (many Asian dishes are common, and chopsticks are a default for meals, but there are also Western-style foods available). Are there certain things that would be very difficult for him to eat? What things would be very easy for him?

What else should I be aware of? What other important information is there about adapting to life without vision?

Googled terms: "newly blind" human, acclimation, adaption, adaptation, blind, meals, in various combinations.

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