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Baltimore Geography

I have a question regarding Baltimore neighborhoods.

My character is originally from Boston. His family is upper middle-class, father is a successful lawyer, mother is a social worker. Said character attended Dartmouth, his younger sisters both attended Loyola Maryland.

They live in a turn of the century to approx 1918 house with lots of hardwood, crown moulding, china fixtures, and the like. So nice, but not a McMansion. There would be very little recent construction in the neighborhood.

Where in Baltimore might a neighborhood such as this be located? I'd like for him to live in the city proper, not in the suburbs, but I understand if this is not feasible. It's important that they live in an actual separate house, not one of the row houses that are so distinctive to Baltimore.

I've considered Bolton Hill, Charles North, Guilford, Mount Washington, and Ten Hills.

Remember, the area needs to be established nice, not yuppy or as the result of recent gentrification.

My research consists mainly of http://www.livebaltimore.com/nb/list/ combined with http://www.livebaltimore.com/ID=3997/TYPE=1633/Average%20Home%20Sales%20by%20Neighborhood%202007-2006-20051.pdf checking the average price of the houses sold versus the general description of the neighborhood based on the website.

Am I on base with the neighborhoods?

ETA: Two more quick questions!

Where would be a good place in Baltimore to go sledding?

Depending on which neighborhood is chosen for my story, I'll need to figure out the nearest good Catholic school in the area.
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