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Slimy Black Sushi

Googled: Sea Urchin reproductive organs, rare sushi+sea urchin, black slimy sushi

Hi all. This one comes from a story my mom has told me many times. She once asked a sushi chef to bring her "something she had never had before," and he brought her a piece of sushi that was black and shiny like an oil slick, and slightly green. It wiggled like jello, and was on a bed of rice wrapped in nori, like Uni usually comes.

She said it tasted like it looked and smelled very pungent (not in a good way). She barely managed to swallow it, and the chef could only tell her its Japanese name. Later, she asked all her Japanese friends what it was in English. Only one of them could tell her about it; supposedly it is an incredibly rare piece of sushi, very expensive in Japan and almost unavailable in America. The translation of the name, as my mom remembers it, was "Sea Urchin's Reproductive Organs." I've looked that up and only gotten various results for Uni.

I want to use it in a story, but cannot find the Japanese name anywhere. My mom can't remember it, and no sushi chef she has described it to has been able to tell her what it was. Any help would be appreciated.

ETA: What my mom ate was definitely not uni. At least not good, fresh, yellow uni. That's why this is confusing - uni is Sea Urchin gonads. But apparently is not the same thing as whatever it this stuff was.
Tags: japan: food and drink

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