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Plant-based poison

Researched: The Deadly Doses (Book). Google: What does opium smell like.

I'm writing a Batman fanfic. Essentially, I'm having Batman and Nightwing run a gauntlet through Arkham Asylum. First attack is coming from Poison Ivy. I need her to use something plant-based to slow, weaken, or otherwise incapacitate them. My parameters are:

1) It can be administered either via inhalation (getting them into an enclosed space is feasible), injection (darts, thorns) or skin/membrane absorption. Basically any method but ingestion.

2) There should be some immediate warnings that something isn't right. (I.E. if an inhaled poison has a characteristic odor, that would be enough for them to don breathing masks--but the spores/gas etc might still cause dizziness or blurred vision.)

3) Our heroes need to be able to do something to stave off the deadlier effects. I want them down but not out. In other words, curare would work a little too well.

Assume that Batman has antibiotics, over-the-counter meds, and maybe some prescription-strength painkillers and anti-nauseants in his utility belt. The inmates are all out of their cells, the staff nowhere to be found, and the asylum infirmary too far from their current position. I definitely don't want something that would require them to be on life-support machinery, in need of CPR, etc.

Any thoughts?
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning, ~science (misc)

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