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finding poetry online?

I'm not completely sure that this is the right place to be asking, so if it isn't, my apologies in advance. Let me know and I'll delete this post :X

I'm trying to look up the translated full text of a specific poem, "Brother Yasin", by Nabeel Yasin, or somewhere where I can buy it. I need it translated to English because my Arabic is not at all good enough, but if there is no English translation to be found online or that can be bought over the internet, then I'll be okay with just hanging on to the Arabic until my Arabic gets to the level where I can actually understand it :X.

I've tried googling "Nabeel Yasin" and "Brother Yasin", along with, at google.com.sa "نبيل ياسن اخ ياسن" which directed me to "نبيل ياسين اخ ياسين", and i also tried just "نبيل ياسين" but none of those were yielding any results (that I could do much with, at least).

I also looked around Poetry International Web, and went through a few of the links there, too.

Any suggestions?
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