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drug rehab centers, turn-of-the-millennium USA

So. I have a sixteen-year-old boy in Boston, Massachusetts, late 1990s or early 2000s (time frame isn't completely pinned down, but it's right at the turn of the millennium), a cocaine addict who's been using for about two years. He overdoses accidentally and his older siblings put him in a residential rehab center.

What I'm looking for is information about what life in the center would be like for him. Not the drying-out itself, but more along the lines of what the routine would be.

Googled "rehab centers", "drug rehab", "cocaine rehab", "life in rehab centers", and related terms but mostly got links to how to put your loved ones into a center. Was able to find out that he'd likely not be able to have visitors for a while, and then only select family members, and that depending on the center his stay could range from two months to a year.

What I couldn't find, and what I really need to know, is what a typical day would be like for him (in terms of structured activites/free time/etc.); whether he'd be able to bring any possessions with him to the center (clothes, books, his guitar, that sort of thing); what kind of interaction he might have with other patients; and whether he'd be able to have limited communication with (non-drug-use-related) friends on the outside. Any other little details would also be greatly appreciated.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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