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Everything about planes

Hello! Now this is a long one!

SETTING: In the Batman universe (specifically The Dark Knight), near/on a plane close to Gotham city. Characters involved are Batman, the Joker, and various mobster-types. The premise begins with this: a group of mobsters (previously led by mob head Maroni, who in the movie was killed by Two-Face) residing in Gotham want to send a couple of people (around two or three mobsters) to Bangkok to take care of unfinished criminal business (possibly something involving money laundering) in that area. To do this, they wish to have these people take a plane flight from Gotham City to Bangkok. In total there are the couple of passengers intended for the plane, and also some armed musclemen covering their boarding of the plane because of a tip they received about the police wanting to intercept this flight and arrest them. Little do they know, the police aren't the ones they have to worry about, it's the Joker. The Joker arrives on the scene, wanting to sabotage the mobster's plans. Then Batman swoops in. The Joker and Batman duke it out, and during their tussle, end up stepping onto the plane. Distracted with their duel, they don't realize that the plane lifted off until after the fact. Once at that point, in some desperate move, the Joker manages to trap Batman in the plane with him. Trapped together on this plan for several hours, eventually the plane runs out of fuel, and they either crash or make an emergency landing in China. 

SEARCH TERMS: cockpit, flight controls, airplane, small planes, airplane crash, plane crash survival....and with little luck! Have looked into this ( Wikipedia article, but haven't been able to make heads or tails of it.

QUESTION: We have quite a lot of them. I'll list them:

-Type of plane: What sort of plane would mobsters, a small group of them, want to use for such a long distance trip? My co-author and I were thinking some small type of passenger plane...but we could be wrong, knowing so little about planes. As a note, all the questions after this depend on the type of plane in use.

-In which situation could Batman and the Joker more realistically survive, in a plane crash, or in a sort of emergency landing? Also, what would be the likelihood of survival for each scenario?

-How would the Joker be able to barricade Batman (who, one must note, is strong than him physically) on the plane with him, and quickly too? Something involving barring the exits? Perhaps messing with some sort of automatic safety-lock function of the doors? What all is possible?

-The cockpit layout, as well as the controls and their various functions. The article my co-author looked up (the Wikipedia one I mentioned earlier) isn't quite so....plane-illiterate friendly. We can't make sense of it. 

-How much fuel would be in such a plane? How long would the fuel last them? Would it be possible for them to have to make some sort of premature emergency landing because of a fuel leak, and how quickly (depending on what sort of damage) before a plane loses all its fuel once a leak is made?

-Another thing that would be helpful would be whatever supplies are on board the plane. This as in food: the type, amount and location, as well as storage method. 

-Emergency details, such as air masks, rafts/flotation devices, location of emergency exits, and any other emergency supplies, perhaps medical kits, even.

OTHER INFO: This is a work that will be written both by myself as well as smthngelemental . We both have little idea as to how planes work, and so we're looking for some more user-friendly sites on these subjects, or better yet, an explanation that would answer our questions.
Tags: ~aviation, ~travel: air travel

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