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Physician-patient privilege

Setting: AU, New York City. (The setting is supernatural, think early Laurell K. Hamilton, but that's not really relevant.)


Searched for: physician-patient privilege and cooperating with law enforcement, police inquiry, federal investigation


My doctor protag had a patient who, no longer in the hospital, is being looked for by a shadowy government agency. They claim they want to protect her from someone who wants to kill her, but really she has some dirt on them they don’t want leaked.


So how much information would a doctor reasonably be expected to give about a patient if a federal agency were conducting an investigation? What if they said it was a matter of national security?


I want my doc to bristle at the patient’s rights being trampled (and decide to help her without the government knowing), but I don’t want him to withhold info that would be reasonable to give in this situation.

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, usa: health care and hospitals, ~law (misc)

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