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3 Questions: Medicine, Politics, and Paparazzi

Hey! I've got three questions, but don't want to spam the community, so I'm putting them all in one post!

Question 1:
Topic: Medicine
Research: I've asked my mom, who is an ER nurse of 35 years, and my boyfriend, who is a chiropractor, but they both lack the real world experience of rehab to really answer it decisively.

My character, Nate, is going to take a bullet (9x19 Parabellum from a Beretta M9). Placement is high in the left shoulder beneath the actual clavicle. It's a through and through wound, so there's not going to be any issue with a lot of secondary tearing, but the placement makes it likely that his scapula or clavicle is going to be broken from the force of the bullet.

What I need to know is this: What sort of rehab will be necessary to restore function to his arm? How long will the rehab take to restore function? After four months, would it be believable that he is beginning an exercise routine once again? This routine would include both pull-ups and pushups (he is ex-military), and before the shooting, would have been no trouble at all. How much difficulty is he going to have, getting his body back to a pre-shooting state?

Question 2:
Topic: Politics
Research: My Google-Fu is falling short...

When running for United States House of Representatives (specifically, California's 48th district), how soon before the primaries does one submit their paperwork to actually run? How does one go about doing this? I understand that this is a primarily Republican district, so do the requirements shift depending on what party the candidate is a member of? I was planning on making him a Dem, because he's a closeted gay man, but he's also very conservative, so I could totally make him a Republican.

Question 3:
Topic: Media/Paparazzi
Research: Google-Fu

In California, are there specific laws preventing Paparazzi from coming within a certain distance of a celebrity/politician? Can restraining orders be put in place to protect those celebrities? How likely is it that a political candidate (one who, in the story, is drawing as much attention as Obama was during the 2004 Sentatorial election) might have a random photog snap a picture of him every now and again? How easy is this to ignore?
Tags: usa: government (misc), ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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