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Catholic Weddings in the United States

Time Frame: Late 50s

Place: United States - California specifically

Basically, I'm trying to find a straight forward outline of what a Catholic Wedding would be like at that time.

So far I searched Google with every term I can think of, but I can't find any solid information and I'm a sucker for detail...

So, would the service be pretty much entirey Latin?

The bride has converted to Catholicism, but her family is still Protestant so would they be allowed to come?

Would the Bridesmaids, Best Man and ushers have to be Catholic? (Some sources say yes, some say no)

Would the Mass include Communion? (Some sources say that it wasn't usual to have it, others say the opposite!)

If anyone has any first hand accounts that'd be really helpful.


ETA 9:37pm: Bonus question: What was the process for converting to Catholicism in the 1950s anyway? Did it take as long as it does now (Google tells me it takes about 12 months) or was it shorter. This isn't that important to the story, but I'd like to know!
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