busaikko (busaikko) wrote in little_details,

laws regarding baby names in Canada

Time: present day
Googled terms: Canada, "Canadian law", law, rules, "baby name", "baby naming", and so forth (I get name sites and adoption sites...)

Question: Are there laws in Canada about what babies can be named? If so, what are they? For example, "No numerals and symbols" (can't name the kid Why@), "No obscene words", etc. As well, is this up to the local city hall? (i.e., one municipality might reject 'Devil' but another accept it).

As well, when must the child's name be registered officially? (Here in Japan, we have 14 days after birth to turn the 'Report of Birth' in at city hall)
Tags: canada (misc), ~childrearing, ~law (misc), ~names

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