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Illinois Criminal Law - Sentencing

I’ve Googled and Wiki’d but not well, I’m afraid. I’m actually not really sure how to search this – Westlaw would be better but that costs money. I’ve tried such search terms as “Illinois law – harboring felon – sentencing,” “Illinois law,” “Illinois criminal law,” and variations thereof. In any case, I have a character who is a Royal Canadian Royal Policeman and was assigned to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. (It’s a DueSouth fic, definitely AU.)

In this fic, instead of getting shot by Ray (who was, presumably, aiming for Victoria) he actually manages to board the train and he and Victoria run off to Manitoba where they get married and live for a couple of years under assumed names. My story opens with her getting killed and him injured in a traffic accident. In the hospital, when he realizes that he has no one left in his life, no friends or family at all, he tells the doctor who he is and asks her to call the authorities, surrendering without incident. My main question is, assuming he’s wanted in Illinois for aiding and abetting a felon, harboring a felon (are those two separate crimes?) and being a fugitive from justice for two years, what type of sentencing is he looking at? I’m assuming Canada will extradite. He didn’t commit any crimes (other than obtaining false i.d.s) while hiding, though I don’t know yet if his wife did and hid that from him. Will the facts that at one time he was a good Mounty and that he did surrender voluntarily help him? What about the fact that his (deceased) father was also a Mounty? What if old friends he worked with (Chicago cops) agreed to be character witnesses for him? (Though I’m thinking that that is extremely unlikely.) And where would he likely be sent to serve his time? Also, would I be correct in assuming that after he is released from prison, he would not be welcome to continue to live in the US?

That is a lot of questions . . . they’re all related though. Any help would be appreciated!
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