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Hand injuries resulting from grabbing a knife blade

Timeframe: Modern times.
Setting: For frame of reference, the place I have in mind is a lot like central Philadelphia.
Google terms: hand injuries knife, grabbing knife by blade injuries, knife hand injuries, mugging self-defense, hand stitches (I ended up getting sewing tips), hand injuries... Uhm. My Google-fu is weak, master.

My early twenty-something year old girl is walking down the street at night, and she gets mugged. She is compliant with the mugger's requests, up until he tries to take something of personal value from her. She reaches out to pull it back, but the mugger has a knife and tries to threaten her with it.

Thinking that he's going to actually stab her, my character wraps her hand around the blade to try and stop it.

What I need to know, because this will pretty much set my story into motion, is how her hand needs to be injured for her to not be able to use it. It's her dominant hand; she's a bass player, and she needs to not be able to play for a while.

Can she be cut enough to have stitches and not be able to play for a while, or would it just make her hand permanently useless? What would happen to her playing as a result of her hand being cut up?

I do want her hand to get better, maybe with scarring, but still useable.

(I'm toying with the idea of her actually having her bass on her at the time of the mugging, and having that be what the mugger's trying to take, but something in that doesn't make sense to me.)

Thanks for any help you can give, guys.

EDIT: I meant a bass guitar. XD I'm sorry, guys. I do want to see someone try to make off with a string bass, though.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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