Erin (natane) wrote in little_details,

Shoplifting in Wal-Mart

Just by the way, thanks so much for the help last time - I actually got the difficult carjacking scene done with. NaNoWriMo hasn't kicked my butt yet!

Now my characters are at a random Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, at least in my experience, works the same the world over, but I figure this little point is worth double-checking.

This Wal-Mart gets items stolen - namely some clothing, but food and bandages too. I'm assuming because of the fact that different sections are restocked at different times, and different people work in each one, that the thefts will not be connected.

I'm also assuming the thefts won't be discovered for at least a few hours after the occurence. Am I wrong? Would it be longer?

So... when they do realize that the clothes - the most valuable items, although "valuable" is kind of relative at Wal-Mart - are gone, will they even bother to check security cameras? I'm under the impression that if they didn't catch my characters going out the door, that they won't want to go back and check hours of security footage for a theft that occured at some unknown time.

I'm hoping I'm right here, so that I don't have to deal with whether or not the police will be able to follow their trail.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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