Where mute memories start talking. (here_in_spain) wrote in little_details,
Where mute memories start talking.

Acadian French?

I'm reluctant to use an online translator, because not only can they be awkward but I'm looking for an older version of the language. I know very little about the French language, I've never studied it, so the few examples of differences given on wikipedia don't really help me.

Some background: one of my MCs is a ghost from around the American Revolutionary War. He was probably Acadian, and living in New England at the time of his death. He's not going to be speaking much. Are there resources someone can point me to, or (this would be awesome) be able to translate just a few phrases?

I've looked through the Acadian pages on wikipedia, and googled Acadian French to no avail - I get a lot of genealogy pages. I did find links on the wikipedia page for Cajun French that look helpful, but how just how closely related is Cajun French to Acadien French, and would there be a big difference because the character comes from the late 18th century?
Tags: ~languages: french

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