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Herbs and alchemical preparations

Hello! Doing some research for my NaNo this year, which is about a necromancer who makes alchemical preparations and such - it's a comical lighthearted kind of book, so I don't need a precise works-in-the-real formula, but I do want to be able to name some of the ingredients in his potions and brews to add flavor to the story.

I am looking for some ideas for herbs that would be associated with death, raising the dead, driving off ghosts and spirits, and so forth. I am also looking for a searchable database of herbs - the ones I have found are lists of what herbs there are, and what they do - but I want to be able to search for a specific property and see what herbs are associated with / good for that.

Tried many google searches - herbs , herbs + death, magic + herbs , etc - but not many sites came up that had anything close to what I was looking for. Help?
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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