The real Joon (innerbrat) wrote in little_details,
The real Joon

Enucleation and the Tear Duct

Google search: eye removal tear ducts/ eye removal side effects / enucleation tear ducts.

Time/Place: modern times, UK.

My character has suffered a violent trauma to both eyes which resulted in enucleation. She did not have implants afterwards as the trauma was enough to damage her boney sockets as well and she opted not to. I've drawn on various online sources to get an idea of what she would look like with two scarred sockets instead of eyes.

But my question is more simple, though I can't find an answer:
After suffering this sort of damage to the face, will water still be produced in times of emotional stress, or does that kind of damage destroy the tear ducts as well?
Tags: ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry

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