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Korean Port/City Name in 1947

Setting: Yellow Sea coast of Korea, North or South, 1947, between WWII and the Korean War

I'm doing reverse research for an old time radio series that was originally aired in 1947.  One episode takes place partially in a Korean port city on the Yellow Sea, but I cannot identify the city.  The name sounds like Jen-sen.  It is the same name for both city and harbor, as with Honolulu and Honolulu Harbor.  The port was a stop between Kobe, Japan, and Tianjin (then Tientsin), China.  A place of business in the city is called the "Chemulpo Bar."  Chemulpo was an old name for Incheon, so I focused especially on Incheon on Wikipedia, but no soap.

I'm confident that the city and name is accurate, but it's hard to guess spelling.  For example, the accepted spelling for this episode is "The Chimolpo Bar" instead of "The Chemulpo Bar."  I only know it's Chemulpo because I stumbled on the name while seraching for Jen-sen.  I expect the true spelling of Jen-sen will be at least as different.  By definition, it's non-google-able.  Please help me identify this city!

* Wikipedia - every city/ward/province in South Korea on the Yellow Sea and some in North Korea
* Google Maps, both political and satellite

cross-posted to </a></font></a>howdoyousay EDIT:   Found already! Thanks so much, mesnica !  Jinsen is the Japanese name for Incheon.  Since the Japanese controlled Incheon from 1905-1945, it's natural for it to still be known by that name in 1947.
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