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Youth Orchestras and Tuning Instruments

Setting: Modern day, small-town Connecticut
Searches: I checked over wiki and the website for the League of American Orchestras, and I googled various combinations of "average size youth orchestra small town" and "which instruments orchestra tune up before show". For reference, this is only going to be a passing mention in what will probably be a drabble (doubledrabble at most), but I'd prefer my passing mentions to be accurate.

I'm wondering how large an average regional youth orchestra might be for an area that's mostly small towns. The numbers of various places that turned up ranged from in the 70s to above 110, but I'm not sure what's most typical. Also, what's the makeup of the orchestra? Wiki has some good info on how the numbers and types of instruments would be distributed in various kinds of adult orchestras, but how are youth ones usually organized/which category would they most likely fall into? And finally, which of the instruments tune up before starting a show? I saw from Googling that it's mostly for show (I had no idea!), but I'd be curious to know which particular instruments or types of instruments do it. I can remember offhand hearing some strings and maybe sometimes a flute, and I know that a piano, for example, wouldn't, but which musicians usually do it?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Wow, you guys are fabulous and superfast! Thanks a lot.

Edit2: Man! All I wanted to be able to say was something like "the sound of [ballpark #] [instrument types] tuning" and I got all of this. A++.
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