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treatment of adolescent scoliosis

Setting: Contemporary, New England area of the US
Attempted search terms: various combos of teen/adolesecent/idiopathic scoliosis treatment, full questions such as "how long will a teen with scoliosis need to wear a back brace", etc

I have a 17 year old girl diagnosed with scoliosis at age 13, with a 25 degree curve of her spine. If she was fitted with a back brace at the time of treatment (I don't know what kind of back brace--this can be flexible if it makes a different) and wears it as prescribed, for 22-23 hours per day, and refrains from heavy athletic activity and does yoga specifically designed for scoliosis patients, at what age would she likely be able to stop wearing the brace? From what I understand from my research, that's based on when bone growth is complete, but how would a doctor decide that she's reached her mature height or whatever other factors come into play?

And btw, the table on this website implies that a brace was barely necessary at a 25 degree curve--does that mean she'd wear the brace for less time than someone with a more severe curve?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Thank you, I think I have what I need!
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