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Agoraphobia and Mysophobia info

Searched- Yahoo, google *Agoraphobia, Mysophobia.

Setting- Present

I have a character who hasn't left his home in years. At first I was gonna label him as agoraphobic but then I realized he's mysophobic(fear of germs) not agoraphobic(fear of crowds/open spaces). A lot of the websites I've found for mysophobia don't mention the subject being afraid to leave their house.

The problem is I need him to be unable to leave his house.

My question is, is it plausible that a person with mysophobia might not leave his house for years like an agoraphobic?

If not, is there some kind of phobia that's a mixture of the two phobias where he'd be both afraid of germs and afraid to leave his house?

ETA: How could I plausibly confront my characters need for food? I was going to have it so he didn't get visitors except for the guy who delivered his groceries. Would that be plausible or would his phobia extend to him having to get his food himself, which would mean he'd have to leave his house which would totally screw up the plot for my story because for the story to work he can't be able to leave his house.
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