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being on the run from the law!

Okay, here's the situation. It's not something I think I could google... too many details. Also, I suspect a lot of this depends on how much sensationalism the police department wants to have.

Two under-age children are missing (ten and seventeen).

The location they were known to be last is kind of off the beaten path - a private cabin a few miles back in privately-owned woods, and pretty far from civilization. The car which was brought to the cabin is now missing [because the children drove it away, but the police don't know that]. The cabin floor is covered with blood, which after about two weeks is discovered to be the parents' blood, and due to the quantity, they're assumed dead. No bodies are found. The family itself is missing for almost two weeks before they even find the cabin. So... these kids have a month's head start.

What is the likely response of the local law enforcement? This is in very rural Southeastern US, just in case it matters. How far will the "story" spread? What kinds of theories will the law enforcement have? What will be the extent of law enforcement knowledge - I'm assuming that a missing person's bulletin will be put out.

I'm specifically looking for what the search will look like from the point of view of the children, who will be two states away, with access to radio, newspapers, and occasional TV. Articles on the front page, or small sidebars? Specials on the nightly local news? Will there be a discussion of theories that the police have, or just raw information?
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