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Newbie with a medical question...

Hey! I've been meaning to join this community for some time, but never had the need until now. Isn't that always the way? LOL! Anyway, for the medical folks (mostly optometry, I think), I'm working on making a character blind. I recall having a teacher in college who had a light bulb explode in her face, causing her to become blind. She saw a little bit of something, though I'm not sure to what extent. She had a seeing-eye dog and required an assistant for writing, reading non-Braille, etc. so she only stood in the classroom and lectured from memory.

This is the sort of damage I'm looking to inflict upon my character. Permanent damage to the eyes from a seriously tremendous flash of light. No permanent physical damage to skin tissue around the eyes or facial area, though I am willing to fudge on this a little.

I admittedly haven't done much research, but what I've done is mostly confusing because I do not comprehend medical jargon in the least, so I need it in layman's terms as much as possible. Throwing the medical jargon at me with definition, though, would be appreciated, for authenticity's sake.

The era in question would be roughly a Victorian-style setting, though technically the story is set in a fantasy world. Primitive in physical medical practitioning, but advanced in 'magical healing'.

If you have website links, those would be of GREAT help, but feel free to send me an email at wolfie.bagoas@gmail.com if your explanation is horribly long-winded. *grin*
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry

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