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Injury leading to Amputation and Sex Positions

Googled various combinations of the title, but I'm too afraid to turn off safesearch and haven't found much. Also lurked on LJ communities for amputees.

Takes place in a small town in modern day Alberta, Canada.

Question 1: Charaver V was a victem of spousal abuse and lost her lower leg as a result. I don't want her ex to have actually cut it off, so I was thinking that he injured her in some way, probably by burning. She survived, but he refused to take her to a hospital. Her wounds got infected and she got gangrene or similar, so when she finally did get to the hospiral her lower leg had to be amputated. Scars and such on other parts of her lower body are fine, but I would prefer to keep her upper body (especially her face, hands ect.) in more or less one piece (I am fine with her having plastic surgery). I am ok with just having her foot amputated, if that works better, but I would prefer that she keeps her knee and her other leg. It doesn't matter which leg she looses. Is this a reasonable explanation?

Question 2: a couple years later (and where the story starts) V is living in a new town. She has a prosthetic and walks without a cane and most people are not aware of her disability (or any of her past for that matter). She has access to physio therapy and is fairly active. From what I've read recovery rates and mobility can vary greately, but she is very driven to hide her disability and using a cane would be the last thing she wants. I describe her walk as a 'swagger' which my POV character will later realize is a well-hidden limp. Again, is this likely/possible? Would she be able to wear shoes with a heel? If so, how high?

Question 3: V is involved in a threesome with two other women. D knows about her leg, S doesn't. S is usually blindfolded/face-down/facing away from V during sex. How long (if at all) would V be able to hide her missing leg from S? What sex positions would V find easy, managable and impossible? Would she be able to kneel on her knees? Would she wear her prosthetic during sex or would she find it easier without it? V is very, very dominant (into bdsm stuff like bondage, flogging ect.), so positions where she's laying on her back/stomach are out. V also likes to don a strap on, though she's happy to go without from time to time as well.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~sex

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