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LF info concerning rape & police procedures

Edited to add: thanks so much for all the help:)

Setting: Modern time, Denver Colorado

Searched: This LJ, Google, Yahoo- Police rape procedures.

Heres my questions:


My main character is a minor(14/15), he has been missing but has just been found, I assume the police would take him directly to the hospital.

1.When would the parents be informed the child has been found?

2.When would the child be returned to the parents? Would they want to question him first? Could they?

2B. Would the child be returned to the home or would the parents have to come get him from the hospital/police station?

3. I also assuming the police would automatically assume the child suffered some form of assault, would they have the authority to give the doctors permission to examine the child for signs of abuse?

3B. Would/Could they give permission for the child to be examined for signs of sexual abuse?

4. What would happen should the child refuse to be examined for sexual abuse? Or at all?

5. In the event that the child refused to be examined could the parents force him to be examined?

6. Are there any website you can recommend where I could find out the police procedures concerning something like this?

Tags: usa: colorado, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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