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Admissions to uni in Japan

[This is for fanfiction, or else I'd make it up.  It's Fushigi Yuugi, since that's important to the character in question.  First post and all that jazz.]

Time:  modern-day Nagoya
Searches tried:  "admissions to uni - JP" "about uni - JP" "University of Tokyo Medical admissions" "Todai admissions" (kinda useful, but geared toward IT jobs), "Japan uni", "Japan university"; I also checked the international forums of, but the topics there were geared towards China/Hong Kong/Korea...

So, now for backstory!

I'm having the character start off my story just beginning undergrad studies at uni in Japan.  Canonically, she's VERY smart, and she's also very interested in medicine/sciences in my head (I read that teaching and other "feminine" jobs are still very popular choices for girls and think she would want to challenge herself/help heal the world/Make A Difference(tm) ).  She graduated second in her class (at a slightly-less prestigious senior high) if that matters at all.  She was born and raised in Tokyo, and I really wanted her to leave Tokyo for school.

However, finding a school seems to be putting a snag in my plans.  Ideally, I want her to attend Nagoya City University (it seemed like a good middle-of-the-road choice), but in '06 they only admitted ~80 students to the Medical undergrad, and they're not even one of the "super-elite" universities!  I can't really find info on other universities, but since it seems that getting into prestigious colleges is much more important (and difficult) than here in the States, I want to make sure my over-achieving student does the best she's capable of.

My question goes thusly:
Am I aiming too low with NCU, or should I toss believability out the window and say she got accepted to Todai or Kyoto or another top school?
Bonus question:  is there a working "waitlist" sort of system set up in Japan, and if so, would it make more sense to have her waitlisted at a top school?
This is a little unimportant sort of sidenote, but the character does muse on it, so I want it to be believable.

I hope my incoherent rambles make sense, and thanks in advance for helping!

Tags: japan: education, ~medicine: medical education

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