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Mike Huckabee

Nitpicky question about incomplete dominance and polyallelism

I have a simple question of genetics. I've not been able to find a page that tells me this is possible so I'm figuring I'm wrong, but I'd like to know for sure. Searched for dominance, general information on alleles, that sort of thing, and I've yet to come across a situation like this:

There are three variations of a gene for eye colour in my stupid fantasy country: green, blue and a rusty goldish colour. In the family tree of a bunch of characters, logic goes that green is incompletely dominant over blue (making a turquoise) and also over rust (making yellow/gold). However, blue is completely dominant over rust. I've done a family tree and diagram thingy to illustrate it:

In case it doesn't stick out: in all the examples I can find in terms of pigment, humans anyway, the darker colour is always dominant. Does/can this reversed situation work? [ Note: If the wildtype makes any difference, I'm not quite sure what it is. Blue is by far the most common phenotype in this country, but it's an island nation that's been cut off for quite some time. There are two races which generally avoid breeding with each other, though in the case of this particular family, I traced the lines back to the biracial couples. The other (much less prelavent) race is the one where the rust and possibly the green comes from, though both the blue and the rust could easily be mutations of the green, now that I think. ]

Also, I guess I might be thinking too mathematically about this (since I've been picturing this in my head as B = G, G = R and R < B which doesn't make any sense) but is it possible that the allele for blue will silence the allele for rust, but blue is incompletely dominant over green, which is in turn incompletely dominant over rust? I'm pretty sure it is, but I haven't been able to find any examples of a polyallelism situation like that, so I can't be positive.

Excuse the stupid questions. If this is anywhere that I may have already looked, it was still too technical for me to grasp. And if I use any of the terms wrongly, forgive me, I learned this all in French.
Tags: ~science: biology: genetics

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