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paris, france: arrondissements!

i've googled both specific districts and general information, but i'm still a little lost. for one, i keep getting tourist information or extremely general information on landmarks and streets. wikipedia has the same problem.

i need a district in paris which a young, possibly illegal (in the sense of has not applied for any sort of legal residency) girl could live, without worrying too much about sticking out like a sore thumb.

she won't be attending school (she'll have finished high school in another country [US], and will speak high-level french), and she will be working as a waitress.

bonus points if this is a district likely to have a slightly-grungy café... i don't want the "bad part of town", but it needs to be likely that the owner will be both willing and able to hire her as an illegal worker. she'll be renting an apartment, and that, too, needs to be able to be 'under the table'. the cheaper, the better, even if the quality of living is not the best. i'm shooting for someplace she could (with the right connections) get a fake id.

i'm thinking it's likely that she's be living in the 5ème arrondissement, but then again, it seems to be primarily for students.

even more bonus points if you can give me an idea of the employees (manager/owner? how many waitresses? cook and dishwasher?) working for a small café in france. when i worked as a waitress, we had two waitresses, a manager/cashier, a dishwasher, and two guys on cooking/prep. would it be similar? would they bother to hire a busboy/girl, or just have the waitresses do the busing?

thanks ahead of time!
Tags: france (misc), ~restaurants & pubs

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