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Arrested for murder in the UK

Current day rules apply, but the setting is slightly futuristic. My main character is on vacation in England when he (because of a long, complicated back story) finds out that he is wanted for the murder of a man who died a month before in his home country. He goes to the closest police station to turn himself in, and is arrested.

Question 1:
What happens to him when he turns up at the police station and tells the first officer he meets that he is wanted for murder? Will they believe him? Will he be asked to wait some particular place? Will he be interrogated first, or just arrested?

He's been shot in the leg (a flesh wound who has later become infected), but don't want any medical help. In fact he's done everything in his power to hide the fact, including using a local anaesthetic. He is limping/can't walk on the leg, but claims it is just a sprained ankle.

Question 2:
When will they most likely find out about this? I know the police are supposed to get any potential injury examined, even if it has already been treated, but will they bother to do it if he claims it's nothing serious? When will they have him examined?

From what I understand, he will be brought to the hospital, I just have no idea at which point...

Searches made: Googled "procedure arrest in England", "what happens when you are arrested in England" and different combinations thereof, read the PACE act and tried (and failed) to find the relevant Annex H.

Need help to find:
PACE Annex H, detailed stories by people who has recently been arrested in the UK or a list of whatever happens when you are arrested. I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious here, so any help will be appreciated!

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