animus_wyrmis (animus_wyrmis) wrote in little_details,

WWII: Medical exemptions, British army.


I have a British boy born in 1927 who desperately wants to enlist, but needs to be in England through the end of 1949. I was hoping to just give him a medical exemption, but I'm having terrible trouble finding anything about medical exemptions in England--Google turns up American lists. I've read through wikipedia articles on conscription and the British army around WWII, and I've Googled various combinations of "world war ii" "british army" "medical exemptions" "england" "conscription", but I can't find anything.

He needs something that won't have caused him problems in the past; he's very athletic (specifically, he still needs to be able to use a sword/shield, and well), and it needs to come as a surprise.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~world war ii

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