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Japanese Internment, Present-Day US Air Force Pensions, Dieners

A barrage of questions, all - oddly - linked to the same story, but wildly different. I don't know if anyone can help, but it'd be appreciated.


Googled: Japanese internment UK, British internment of Japanese, Japanese internees, POWs Japan Britain etc. etc.

I think most everyone knows and his dog knows about Japanese internment in America during the Second World War. I'm also well versed on the internment of Japanese citizens in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. However, mainland Britain seems to be strangely lacking. I know there were some hundreds of Japanese students, travellers, expats and chicken-sexers (don't ask) in the UK prior the attack on Pearl Harbor, but few books list anything about their fate. I know the Isle of Man was used as an internment site, but I can't find much else. How many Japanese were interned in the UK during the war? Where were they held other than the Isle of Man? And when were they released? If they were released pre-1945, did any British-born Japanese serve in the British military(a la Nisei in the US military)?


I've read the official website top to bottom and googled about VA assistance.

Character is a US Air Force officer (Captain) posted to Japan in early-1979 (Misawa Airbase). Meets a Japanese woman off base. They marry in 1981. Baby born in 1982. They return to America and he is honorably discharged or leaves the force by means legitimate in 1986. He then ditches his wife and daughter and travels the US with a tantric sex cult. He ends up getting cancer in the mid to late 1990s. He's about 56, dying of a particularly nasty (and unspecified) form of cancer that doctors think will kill him in a year at best, and has left him practically bedridden. Can he claim benefits/insurance/medical helpt from the Veterans' Association? He served in Shaba II, the 1978 Franco-Belgian-US peacekeeping operation in Zaire and although not particularly involved in the 'counterinsurgency' aspect did fire a weapon. Does any of this count as combat duty?


Googled: Dieners, united states autopsies, autopsy assistants, postmortems, postmortem help, etc.

I know that dieners are the "assistants" to pathologists during autopsies. I know that they are generally not medically trained, and get good wages for their education (or lack thereof). Is this the norm, however? Could a drop-out American medical student get a job as a diener? Could a full-time postgrad university student apply for a job as a diener at the university hospital and get it (if it's any easier: is it impossible for her to have been a medical student but switched her degree status; her med-student friends helping pull some strings)? Are there any specific laws or job descriptions on what they must/must not have? Info on this job is SCARCE as far as can see. Any help with this one is graciously thanked.

Pre-reply thanks!
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