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Cannilbalism pratices/ drugging people

Hi, I searched through the archive here, and I've searched for 'non-survival' & 'ritualistic' cannibalism on yahoo, google and through my universitys online database.

The setting is present Wyoming.

I need to know where i can find what parts of the anatomy are edible, specifically what parts of the anatomy are edible.

Also, what kind of drugs or medicine(or anything else) would incapacitate a person without making the meat of the body inedible.

My cannibal is going to cannibalize a female character so(sorry if this offends anyone) what part of the female genitalia would be edible? 

Also, I know that there are (psychological?)theories that people cannibalize other people to feel closer to them, to obsorb their energy/life/power, but what are some other theories on why someone would cannibalize another person?
I tried to do a ljcut sorry if it didn't work.
Tags: ~cannibalism, ~medicine: knocking 'em out, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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