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Sunscreen alternatives when stranded on a tropical island

Story set in the mid- to late-60's, on a deserted tropical island. I haven't dedicated to a particular area yet; I'm thinking either Polynesian or Caribbean. Answers might help me place them.

I'm wondering if there's a natural form of sunscreen (or something with sun protective properties) that could be utilized when stranded on a tropical island. I've searched Google with "surviving on a desert island" and "natural sunscreen alternatives," but I can't seem to find anything that crosses both subjects. (Also, I'm a really *lousy* Googler. :/ )

I found one that suggested that coconut oil could be slathered on the skin to slow (but not prevent) the occurrence of sunburn; is this true? And also, is there another alternative in you're allergic to coconut?

(Just to clarify, I'm looking for things that can be used as a kind of sunscreen, not practices to prevent sunburn, like wearing wide-brimmed hats or avoiding sun exposure during 10a and 4p.)
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