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Neat deaths and decomposing bodies

My story doesn't have a definite setting right now except for it's set in the present.

I've searched on google, yahoo for 'how to keep dead bodies from decomposing' and so far I have only found sites that aren't very helpful or are creepy and completely irrelevant.

My main character comes into possession of a dead body that she must keep from decomposing. The problem that I have is that she can't freeze the body as that wouldn't work for the story. She could keep her apartment very cold but can an apartment realistically get cold enough to keep a body from rotting? Would that work? and For how long?

What kind of death would leave behind a relatively neat corpse?

The corpse in my story is of a 25-30 year old male. The body has to be neat meaning it can't have any visual deformities or physical injuries that results from the death.

I considered a heart attack or aneurysum but is that plausible? 

Those causes of death is kind of boring so Im looking for any kind of unusual cause of death that would leave behind a neat corpse.(if that makes any sense).

Also how long does a body stay in rigormortus?

EDITED TO ASK: someone metioned embalming as a method to preserve the body. How long would embalming preserve the body for?
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