Ronch Ronch Ronch (sandoz_iscariot) wrote in little_details,
Ronch Ronch Ronch

Treating a laceration/stitches in 1968

Time/Place: New York City, 1968

A man has a laceration on his back from a switchblade. He's being treated by a friend who is not a doctor, but has decent medical supplies and some training (so the wound should be able to heal properly). The wound is not life-threatening but requires stitches. I've looked up current methods of giving someone stitches, but how would they differ in 1968, if at all? Would the needle used be traumatic or atraumatic, straight or curved? What painkillers might be administered? (This all might be too specific, but even general 60s medical info on treating lacerations would be helpful.)

I've googled variations of "stitches/suture/laceration/treatment/1968" with poor results.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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