Janine (impressionata) wrote in little_details,

record label vs band: who gets money

The story is set in the present days in the USA and it's about a Rock Band.

I gathered a lot of information on different sites (google, yahoo, entertainment.howstuffworks, wiki aso) and found out almost everything I need. I'm this far: The Band ended their contract with their first label and now has a new one. Their last albums didn't make enough money to pay the label the advances back they got to produce the album, touring, promotion etc. I read that the band doesn't have to pay the label out of their own pocket if the album should flop. But though the band isn't under contract with their first label anymore, copies of the cd will be sold anyway. May question is, who will get the money? The old label or the band?

I tried: "royalties" "band payment" "record label money" "album flop" "band money royalties payment" "label band payment" "advances label money"

Thanks in advance

Tags: usa (misc), ~music

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