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Non-lethal knife fighting and bullet deflection

 Setting: Present Day, but with some supernatural creatures (mostly werewolves and vampires)

I have a character that really doesn't want to kill anybody but gets attacked a lot, almost on a daily basis. 

I want to give her a knife but is there any non-lethal ways of fighting with one? I've searched and all I've found are sites that either say how to kill someone quickly or that if you don't want to kill anybody you shouldn't use a knife. When she is faced with supernatural creatures this isn't as much of an issue because they would be less likely to get seriously injured, but how would she go around fighting regular humans?

And is it physically possible to deflect bullets with a knife? The knife would be made of some super-strong material that wouldn't break. Would it be more plausible using a short sword? It can't be to big though, I want her to be able to hide it on her person. 

Where would you want to hide a knife on the body if you want easy access, but no restrictions to your movements? I was thinking somewhere around the waist but I'm not sure... She would wear regular clothes, as she doesn't want to stand out, but they would tend to be more on the baggy side.

Right, it probably would help to say that my character isn't exactly human. She has super human strength, speed and reflexes, plus she can heal really fast (think 'healing factor' like Wolverine), so she doesn't have to worry too much about getting injured herself. My reasons for giving her the knife is because she is going to be forced to wear one by her 'boss', because he wants her to be armed all the time.

Tags: ~weapons (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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