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1985-1987 children's shows after school/cable selections?

Time: series spans Early fall 1985 - summer 1987
Location: US, West Coast (I am leaning towards the Seattle area)

Searched: 1985 children's television -special, 1985 children's afterschool television -special, 1985 afterschool television -special, 1985 afterschool television, 1980s children's telelvision

What shows would a 9 going on 10 and a 7 going on 8 year old girl watch after getting home from school (they would arrive at home at about 3 pm or so)? I know what kind of shows they would want to watch (trust me, I know my 80s nostalgia for shows--it is truly outrageous), but have no idea of the times they would show. Wikipedia offers what the main networks had in a line up and Saturday morning lineups (you can see all sorts of lineups here: ), but nothing for afterschool that kids would watch. I don't remember much of it because in 1985 the only damn thing I consistantly watched was Sesame Street, My Little Pony, and Mr. Rogers. (Also, I was 5.) Also, since they have cable, what would they watch on things like Disney and Nickelodeon?

I wouldn't care so much but I'm writing the meet book for an American Girl Historical of the 1980s and I want the stuff done right. Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa (misc), ~television

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