Mackinzie (mackinzie) wrote in little_details,

Dragged by a car

Google/Yahooed: 'injuries dragged by a car'

Genre: Marvel superheroes
Location: New York City
Character: Normal human male, mid 30s, has had knee injury in the past but has since recovered. Former minor league ball player, had to drop out because of the injury.

I have a character that I would like to have dragged by a car (on purpose) and be in a coma for awhile, but live, fairly normal eventually, without too many problems.

Using 'google fu' (I like this term, whomever coined it *G* thanks), I found a number of news stories. They all vary. Some have people with very little injury, some have death, some have critically injured with needing muscle grafts and their spine exposed and organs needing replacement.

I want him to be in a coma for at least maybe a week or two and make a pretty much full recovery (eventually). He can have some problems for a little while, though.

I know it all depends on where he's dragged (gravel road vs regular paved road), if he hits anything (other cars, rolled over by the car), if he's wearing layers of clothing, distance (a few feet vs. a mile), what position he's in (stomach vs. back). Which combination of factors are best?

Also, there may be a possibility of him needing to be moved from the hospital to another one. Can that be done? How early can it be done?


Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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