it's gonna be monster splendid! (oritsu_luv) wrote in little_details,
it's gonna be monster splendid!

After passing out?

Setting: London, Present Day.

My MC (22, medium build,regular drinker) has drunk himself into unconsciousness. He was drinking Scotch, if that matters. I've found a lot of into about passing out, but I can't find anything about waking up.

If you get so drunk you pass out, what do you feel like when you wake up? Physically and mentally? Would you have a head ache, or feel woozy? Would you be disoriented? Would it take you a second to realize where you were or what had happened? Would you actually remember what happened?

Searched: Google, wikipedia for 'alcohol', 'passing out', 'aftermath', 'waking up'
Tags: ~booze, ~medicine: poisoning

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