catrinp (catrinp) wrote in little_details,

Sexual help of a paraplegic male

Hi, New member looking for help (and will provide it when I can)

My story is set in current world, current time frame. My MC is a late 20-ish male, paraplegic (complete T12 - spinal cord completely damaged low in the pelvis.) He has no feeling, no movement below the break. Accident happened three years ago.

His lover helps him to achieve an orgasm, using a vibrator. I've searched paraplegic sites and found basic information; the name of a vibrator used in this situation, some after effects (spasms and voiding of bowels and bladder), but I'm after some more personal details.

Anyone got any idea how the vibrator might be used? What sort of feelings the guy would get, if he has no feeling below T12 vertebrae? Anything that can make this real?

Thanks in advance

Tags: ~sex

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