grimhillman (grimhillman) wrote in little_details,

Getting highland sheep/farm ready for winter

Research: books, Google, sheep-raising forums. Got lots of good information, but looking for specifics.

Setting: fictional, geography similar to Caucasus mountains (story written before the recent political events and not related), an agrarian, pre-industrial society based largely on sheep rearing.

I am not sure of precise altitude, but I think the setting would be in fairly sheltered valleys, so while there will be snow, winter would not normally be very severe, although they will be cut off from the world below.

Question: in late October or so - several weeks before the first snow could be expected, with the prospect of unusually early and severe winter, what would be some essential chores to complete? I just need to be able to say something like "They spent the next three days doing X." It doesn't have to be about sheep, necessarily.
Tags: ~agriculture

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