Jezzy (lunchy) wrote in little_details,

Surname change for a Japanese male

I'm writing a story set in modern Japan where the father of a newborn infant decides to take his new son and leave the mother behind.  So she can't track/reunite with them, I was wondering how possible it would be for him to change his name.  They're fleeing from Osaka to somewhere in Hokkaido, so it's less than two hours away, really.
  • The mother was not abusive in any way.  The father is leaving her (without her knowledge) because of her family background.
  • Would the father's family having government connections make this any easier (if it's allowed at all)?
  • The male is in his early to mid twenties.
Thank you in advance to anyone who's able to help!

ETA: The name change is solely to make sure that they're not easily found.  They were not married when the child was born.  I guess you could almost consider it a kidnapping, but not really since the father has custody to begin with.

Tags: japan (misc), ~names

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