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Medical Practices in 1810 London

Setting: 1810, East Side London

Googled terms: medical history/practices 1810 (and variations), 1810 East Side London (and variations), doctors 1810 England

I'm trying to figure out where a doctor would reasonably set up his practice on the East Side of London in or around the 1810s, or if he would at all.  This man would be fairly affluent.  Would it be reasonable for him practice out of his home, or would he have a separate place to practice medicine?  This would be the later end of the rule of King George III if that helps.  There seems to be a lot of information on Victorian aged medical practices, but pre-Victorian is proving harder for me to find.

As well, any information on the actual technology and practices available during this era, or any government funded programs to do with medicine that he may be involved with, would be lovely.

Thanks to all of you wonderful people in advance! 
Tags: ~medicine: historical

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